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A brand at the source of taste

FRAIS DEVANT is a brand that creates taste and good times to share! FRAIS DEVANT carefully selects the best meats to produce tasty, high-quality charcuterie.

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A true producer of taste, FRAIS DEVANT has established itself today as a daring brand of French charcuterie. We market a range of quality products to give self-service and fresh-packed shelves a “fresh touch”.

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Sharing, taste, commitment, French origin and boldness! FRAIS DEVANT has always stood up for its own values. Our brand is committed to selecting the best meats to make great products that respect the recipes and know-how of our regions!

French origin

They talk about their experiences

Frais Devant has never wavered in its commitment to its core values of authenticity, proximity and accuracy in the choice and selection of its products, while adding a touch of originality to its communications. Frais Devant is continuing in this vein, with an innovative and surprising new look that’s more youthful and quirkier than ever.

Xavier Fuselier Production Manager

Every day, we do our utmost to satisfy the needs of our consumers and to offer them quality products through a rigorous selection of our raw materials. We’ve also worked to introduce new, more environmentally friendly packaging in line with the brand’s values.

Marion Lavrilloux Product Manager

Humour is a form of expression that is often absent from brand communications, especially in the world of cured meats.

Today, Frais Devant puts a smile on the face of its brand, while quality has been proving its worth for fifteen years now.

Philippe Chesneau Avant Marque