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Origin Switzerland

IGP Grison Beef

Made in Switzerland in the canton of Grisons, this piece of beef is first seasoned with salt, pepper and spices, then dried at altitude. Presented in thin slices, Bündnerfleisch Swiss Cured Beef  is a beautiful burgundy colour with a spicy aroma. Ideal for long winter evenings, or with melon in summer !


Additional information :


Beef (Origin: EU, non-EU), salt, spices, spice extracts, dextrose, sucrose. Antioxidants: sodium ascorbate, sodium citrate. Preservative: potassium nitrate.





60 g


IGP Grison Beef is made from the corner or tender part of the slice at the top of the beef leg.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 792.33 kJ / 187.4 kcal
Fat 3.5 (g)
of which saturates 1.5 (g)
Carbohydrates 1.0 (g)
of which sugars 0 (g)
Protein 38 (g)
Salt 4.8 (g)
Thinly sliced
Rich in protein