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Our values

At FRAIS DEVANT, we are proud to stand by our values: sharing, taste, commitment, French origin and boldness, in the service of the taste and quality of the products we sell.

A model of clarity

FRAIS DEVANT is a young and friendly French brand, producing flavour and memories. We advocate for quality products to share, sourced from meticulously selected meats.

At FRAIS DEVANT, we’ve long understood that it’s essential to focus on taste, quality, and accessibility.

In 2022, our brand adopts a new identity, clearer and more legible. This makeover relies on a creative and offbeat approach with a new logo, a revamped graphic universe, new packs with unique hand-drawn illustrations that bring a personalised touch to the brand, and new products.

FRAIS DEVANT changes its look with humour and boldness while remaining true to its deeply held convictions centred around its core values: sharing, taste, commitment, Made in France, and boldness.

Our deeply rooted values

FRAIS DEVANT has more than one trick up its sleeve. Our brand positions itself close to customers and new consumption habits (French meat and organic sourcing) thanks to a top-quality and first-choice offering.


Because conviviality and sharing are among the strong values we hold dear, FRAIS DEVANT positions itself close to the everyday lives of consumers.


FRAIS DEVANT is committed to animal welfare and the environment. Since 2017, FRAIS DEVANT has been working with a 100% organic French farming network, certified as “BIO Cohérence” and “BIO Equitable in France”. These two labels ensure fair remuneration for farmers and respect for animal welfare and ecosystems (free-range farming, no slatted floors, and a minimum of 50% feed self-sufficiency…).


Taste, quality, and accessibility! That’s what we advocate every day. At FRAIS DEVANT, we are passionate about offering our customers exceptional meat. That’s why we select the best meats to produce our products, respecting the recipes and expertise of our regions (Auvergne, Pyrénées, Aveyron, Ile-de-Beauté…).

Made in France

For its ‘Origin France’ range, FRAIS DEVANT guarantees French meat, sourced from animals born and raised in France, and processed in France.


FRAIS DEVANT is a brand that dares! Young, modern, and offbeat, there’s no shortage of adjectives to describe FRAIS DEVANT. Our brand primarily embodies boldness and asserts its uniqueness in its convictions, choices, and its way of developing.