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Our history

FRAIS DEVANT is a young, friendly brand of French charcuterie created in 2007 by Mathieu Dorfmann, a passionate lover of good products. FRAIS DEVANT is a brand that creates taste and memories. The products in the range come from meats that have been rigorously selected to ensure a high quality offering.

A young and modern brand

FRAIS DEVANT was created with the ambition of telling pretty stories about charcuterie through its products. The name FRAIS DEVANT is a nod to the traditional restaurant phrase “CHAUD DEVANT”!
Its core business is the selection, production and slicing of high-quality fresh conventional and organic charcuterie products, sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Over the years, FRAIS DEVANT has established itself as a leading brand of charcuterie products in the fresh produce section.
Now with a fresh new look, FRAIS DEVANT is a brand with a modern, bold approach.

A gourmet and passionate creator

FRAIS DEVANT was created in 2007 by Mathieu Dorfmann, a passionate designer and lover of good food. More than 15 years ago, while talking to friends, he noticed that certain charcuterie products were little used or little known. He came up with the idea of producing quality products with a clear origin, based around a strong range that would “freshen up” the shelves of our supermarkets.

The key dates


Creation of FRAIS DEVANT by Mathieu Dorfmann.


Creation of the slicing site, which includes a cutting-edge slicing workshop and responds to new consumer trends.


Launch of new products: the snacking range, chiffonnades, Ajaccio plates and Assiette Française make their appearance in the FRAIS DEVANT collection.


FRAIS DEVANT opens up to exports, in particular to Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), because richness is everywhere, FRAIS DEVANT produces a charcuterie of taste and quality thanks to raw materials that are carefully selected throughout Europe.
That same year, the brand was awarded the VPF, IGP Viande des Grisons and IGP AUVERGNE labels. These labels attest to the origin of the products and guarantee their superior quality.


Launch of an organic, AB-labelled range of 14 products to share with friends and family!


FRAIS DEVANT makes a commitment to the organic sector and signs a partnership with an association of 100% organic French farmers certified “BIO Cohérence” and “BIO Equitable en France”.


“We’ve changed everything but the best!” FRAIS DEVANT is reinventing itself with a new identity, in line with the expectations of consumers who are concerned about the environment and animal welfare.

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Our labels

FRAIS DEVANT products come from rigorously selected meats.
They can be certified VPF (Viande de Porc Française) , IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée),
STG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed) or CSA (member of the Consortium des Salaisons d’Auvergne).
The brand also has “Organic Agriculture” certification issued by Certipaq.