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Origin Ile-de-Beauté

Ajaccio Plate

A pure product of the Ile-de-Beauté region, the Assiette d’Ajaccio offers three specialities for tasting : Coppa (or loin of pork), Lonzo (loin of pork) and Jambon Sec (dry ham). The Ajaccio Selection is a wonderful discovery, with subtle and varied flavours. Ideal for your aperitifs in winter and summer alike.

Additional information :


Coppa 35 g: Pork shoulder (Origin: France), salt, dextrose, pepper, sugar, garlic.
Lonzo 35 g: Pork loin (Origin: France), salt, dextrose, pepper, sugar, garlic. Antioxidants: E300, E301. Preservative: E252.
Jambon Sec au poivre 50 g: Pork ham (Origin: France), salt, 0.6% pepper.

Beechwood smoked product.


120 g


The Plate is made up of charcuterie from loin (for the Coppa), fillet (for the Lonzo) and pork legs (for the Jambon Sec).

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 1002 kJ / 239 kcal
Fat 12 (g)
of which saturates 5.3 (g)
Carbohydrates 0 (g)
of which sugars 0 (g)
Protein 32 (g)
Salt 5.6 (g)
Thinly sliced
VPF (French Pork Meat)
Delicately peppered
Ideal as an aperitif