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Origin Spain

Organic Serrano Ham

Serrano Ham TSG* is made from organic Spanish Duroc pork. A nugget of Spanish gastronomy, this dry-cured ham is slowly cured and matured for a minimum of 18 months. Enjoy it with bread, wine or beer!

*Traditional Speciality Guaranteed

Additional information


Pork ham* (Origin: Spain), sea salt.

* Ingredients from organic agriculture


70 g


Organic Serrano Ham is made from the ham, i.e. the pig’s leg.

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy 1371 kJ / 330 kcal
Fat 21 (g)
of which saturates 7 (g)
Carbohydrates 0.8 (g)
of which sugars 0.8 (g)
Protein 34 (g)
Salt 5.0 (g)
No preservatives
Organic farming
Thinly sliced