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In January 2022, FRAIS DEVANT underwent a makeover. Our brand has a new identity that is more modern, more youthful, more offbeat – in short, more in tune with the expectations of today’s consumers. Changing our image does not mean changing our DNA. In fact, FRAIS DEVANT is evolving but remaining true to its values: sharing, taste, commitment, French origin and boldness.

We've changed everything except the best


To support its development ambitions and reveal its strengths, FRAIS DEVANT is revamping its brand platform and changing its style. It is reinventing itself with humour and clarity, while respecting its commitments. This rebranding or change of identity is a unique opportunity to give fresh impetus. The motto of FRAIS DEVANT, whose new design can now be seen on all packaging and communication tools: “A new identity while retaining the same values”, bears witness to these changes! FRAIS DEVANT‘s visual identity is evolving around a revamped graphic universe, a reworked logo and new packs.

  • Revamped graphics: FRAIS DEVANT has adopted a more contemporary and modern look in an effort to improve and communicate its values.
  • A reworked logo: the logo has also changed, with a new typeface to make it easier to read. The original mascots have been replaced by a pencilled tricolour flag to emphasise the brand’s French origins.
  • Personalised packs: to embody this new identity, the range’s packs have been completely redesigned. The new packs feature unique hand-drawn illustrations to personalise each product.
  • Eye-catching visuals: visuals specific to each recipe have been created. They add a quirky, natural feel. The label on a white background makes the products stand out more and gives the brand a brighter image.

For the organic range, the products are packaged in trays made from 85% FSC*-certified paper, most of which is recyclable.


FRAIS DEVANT offers almost 30 different products to share, giving consumers the choice of indulging in products sourced from the best French and European heritage. Our charcuterie brand offers an authentic and tasty tasting experience, while respecting the environment and animal welfare.


With this re-launch, FRAIS DEVANT is cultivating the brand’s key ingredients: taste, quality and accessibility, and is focusing its offer around :

  • A “classic” range of 16 products: Assiette Raclette, Assiette Française, Rosette, Rosette en chiffonnade, Jambon d’Auvergne IGP**, Jambon des Pyrénées, Coppa d’Ajaccio, Jambon sec au poivre affiné à Ajaccio, Lonzo d’Ajaccio, Assiette d’Ajaccio, Jambon Serrano STG*, Jambon Serrano STG*** en chiffonnade, Jambon Speck, Jambon Portugais, Viande des Grisons IGP**.
  • A range of 14 organic products: Rosette, Cooked Ham, Pyrenean Ham, Saucicool Mini Sausage, Saucidouilles, Ajaccio Plate, Ajaccio Lonzo, Ajaccio Coppa, Ajaccio Dried Sausage, Serrano Ham TSG***, Chorizo, Speck Ham, Italian Ham, Bündnerfleisch PGI*.

*FSC: Forest Stewardship Council ** PGI: Protected Geographical Indication *** GTS: Traditional Speciality Guaranteed